Follow these 3 tips to bomb your driver off the tee

Golfer hits drive on sunny day

These tips will help you bomb it off the tee.

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Bombing your driver still remains one of the most impressive skills on the golf course. When a golfer can increase their club speed enough to gain an additional 20 or 30 yards off the tee, it can mean the difference between a par or a bogey.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the capability to tee it high, let it fly, and see the results they’re looking for. But GOLF Top 100 Teacher Martin Chuck wants to help change that, and he offers his tips to bombing your driver in the video below.

How to bomb your driver

1. Get the ball forward within your stance

To get some extra distance with your driver, Chuck emphasizes the setup, showing how the ball is aligned with his front foot.

“Watch where this ball location is. It’s the most forward within my stance … be careful not to get it too far forward, because, if it’s too far forward, you’ll hit down and across it.”

2. Focus on your pre-shot footwork

As golfers set themselves up over the ball, remember to waggle back and forth, focusing on your footwork.

“As I hit a shot here, notice as I’m waggling, getting ready to go, I’m not standing idle. I’ve got footwork, and the event that helps me get my swing up to speed in the backswing is this push into the ground, that helps turn my hips to sling a golf club up with an athletic speed.”

3. Remember to stay athletic

One of the common issues that Chuck sees with some of his students is a lack of athleticism. He specifically highlights how players simply keep their head down and bring back the driver without properly using their footwork. This may help hit the ball, but it won’t help bomb your driver.

“For you to bomb it, get the club and the ball set in the right spot, feel this footwork, let’s push, let’s create some sling and some length in that backswing, so you can respond and really smash your driver.”

As Chuck demonstrates in the video above, in order to bomb your driver, golfers must utilize their footwork first, then properly transfer their weight from back to front. This will create the “sling” he mentions, allowing for more club speed and more length off the tee.


Nick Dimengo Editor