How this sweet-swinging robot quantifies proper golf-swing mechanics

Gene Parente’s swing robot is one of the most famous machines in golf. Armed with some of the best tech in the game, the robot can hit just about any shot you program it to. In fact, back in 2016, Parente’s robot (named LDRICK) made a hole-in-one on TPC Scottsdale’s famed 16th hole.

But Parente’s creation is not just a novelty item — it also has some impressive capabilities when it comes to golf instruction.

At last fall’s GOLF Top 100 Teacher Retreat, Parente held a seminar where he exhibited how his robot’s tools can be used to quantify swing mechanics. If you’re a swing nerd, it’s well worth the watch.

Kevin Kisner
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By: Ryan Barath

“[This robot] has potential from a biomechanical model standpoint,” Parente said. “We can replicate different types of launch conditions, different types of delivery conditions, different types of acceleration. And then more importantly, what the benefit is for you as instructors.”

Parente’s presentation lasted over an hour as he demonstrated all the capabilities of his sweet-swinging bot.

“I’m a big interactive guy,” he said. “I’m really honored to be here because you guys and gals are the boots on the ground. You’re the ones that are working with these students and understand it. I understand all the stuff conceptually. So your input, your questions, help me create tests that help you provide better data and better fitting information.”

Check out the entire video above.

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