Our Picks: Best golf towels of 2023

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Modern golf towels offer a lot more than just cleaning your clubs.


Welcome to GOLF’s 2023 edition of the Best of Everything, where we’re providing you with, well… the best of everything!

Is a golf towel just a towel? Only for the uninformed!

Golf towels have come a long way in recent years. While a spare dishrag used to be suitable enough to get the job done when it came to keeping your ball and clubs squeaky clean during a round, modern golf towels offer a whole lot more, from super absorbency and double-sided wet and dry features to built-in abrasive cleaning patches. Some are even designed to help you work on your fundamentals!

In short, if you aren’t carrying a modern golf towel, you’re missing out on what has become a super-functional accessory.

Check out GOLF’s picks for the best golf towels of 2023, which include the most impressive styles and features we’ve seen all year.

Get excited for picks from cool brands like Palm Golf, Uther and more.

These are the best of the best!

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Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers Towel

Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers 17X14 Golf Towel

“Don’t forget to bring a towel”
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Add a little edge to your bag with this skull and “cross-clubs” towel from Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers.

Measuring at 17″ x 14,” this compact towel has the bandwidth to handle whatever mess you throw at it.

Palm Golf Co. Vacation Towel

Palm Golf Co. Vacation Towel

WAFFLE KNIT: The waffle knit design allows for the quick removal of grass, sand, mud or dirt. You’ll find that the waffle knit pattern will clean your clubs or ball better than those cotton golf towels. Keep your gear clean without scratching it. DURABLE CARABINER CLIP: Our black carabiner is laser etched with the Palm logo and provides for quick attachment to your golf bag. SIZE- 14” x 36” takes up less space on your bag and is convenient for those who like to carry their clubs. MATERIAL- Special blend of 80% Polyester 20% Polyamide to provide for maximum water absorbance. 
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Palm Golf Co.’s Vacation Towel will put you in a tropical state of mind.

Composed of a special super-absorbent blend of polyester and polyamide, this towel’s waffle-knit blend makes the removal of grass, sand, mud or dirt a cinch.

Attach the towel easily to your bag with the included black carabiner.

Birdie Juice Towel

Birdie Juice Towel

$7.50 (was $30)
If you’re going to make birdies, you need to wipe your clubs clean with a birdie juice towel. This is more than a mantra for Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz, represented on both sides of the towel, it’s a lifestyle. This towel is 22″ x 42″
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If you’re going to make birdies, you need to keep you clubs clean. And with this Birdie Juice Towel, which measures 22″ x 42,” you can do that and more, all while showcasing your love of the Birdie Juice lifestyle.

Blue Tees Magnetic 4-in-1 Caddie Golf Towel

Magnetic 4-in-1 Caddie Golf Towel

The perfect 4-in-1 utility golf towel.

This medium-sized towel from Blue Tees offers several convenient features in one package.

A magnetic strip allows it to easily attach to carts, clubs and its magnetic hub, while a built-in rubber groove cleaner produces sparkling results.

Frogger Amphibian Towel

Frogger Amphibian Towel

The ultimate club cleaner, and the only towel to stay wet and dry in rain or shine.

Frogger’s Amphibian Towel is the perfect option for the golfer who likes to carry a wet and dry towel, because this towel manages to be both. How? It’s all thanks to a 100% bamboo inner towel that absorbs three times more water than cotton and is naturally resistant to fungus.

Sunday Golf Classic Towel

Sunday Golf Classic Towel


Nicely sized at 14″ x 40,” this waffle-knit towel from Sunday Golf is absorbent and abrasive enough to clean without scratching. A handy slit in the middle allows for easy mounting on a club or alignment stick.

Savvy Setup Golf Towel & Training Aid

Savvy Setup Golf Towel & Training Aid

This revolutionary custom design towel by Divot Society Golf makes it easier to get set up perfectly every time so that you can focus on your swing and not everything in between.

Not only does this innovative golf towel clean your clubs, it helps you dial in your fundamentals too, thanks to alignment arrows and stance-position guidance.

Divot Golf’s Savvy Golf Setup Towel has a magnetized center to allow for easy mounting and is composed of an absorbent waffle material that dries rapidly.

Uther Tour Golf Towel

Uther Tour Golf Towel

Uther’s material fabrication was made to show ultra durable and bright prints, while maintaining soft hand feel.

If you’re looking to make a seriously stylish statement on the course, Uther’s Tour Golf Towel is the way to go. With dozens of fun and flashy prints available, Uther towels are both absorbent and quick-drying, and can hang via the attached loop or center slit.

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