Our Picks: Best golf alignment sticks of 2023

Check out GOLF’s picks for the hottest brands and most useful items from 2023. Which one of these best golf alignment sticks do you prefer?

Which one of these best golf alignment sticks do you prefer?


Welcome to GOLF’s 2023 edition of the Best of Everything, where we’re providing you with, well… the best of everything!

GOLF’s picks for the best golf alignment sticks of 2023 include the hottest brands and most useful items we’ve come across all year.

No matter if you’re a beginning player, mid-handicapper, or a scratch golfer, one thing every golfer strives for is improvement. And sure, hitting the ball farther is great and all, but it takes perfecting your swing before really seeing major gains.

That’s where having a golf alignment stick comes in handy, as it’s easy enough to use when simply trying to lock in your aim and alignment, but also versatile enough to use as a swing guard to help dial in your rotation and weight transfer.

If you look at any range that’s filled with great golfers, alignment sticks are aplenty — it’s no secret as to why.

With tons of great options to choose from — both for the full swing and putting — we offer our favorite golf alignment sticks of 2023 below. Make sure to snatch a few of these up and experience firsthand why so many golfers trust these products to help keep their game sharp.

These are the best of the best!

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Hazy Sticks

Hazy Sticks “The Nautical” – Golf Alignment Sticks

100% Genuine Hickory Length: 45″ / Diameter 3/8″ Medium-Dark Stain Navy/White Color Combo Gloss Protective Coating Nickel End Caps High Quality Golf Alignment Sticks 
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The versatile Hazy Sticks Alignment Sticks are a must-have for your next trip to the driving range.

Whether you’re working on alignment and aim, or need a refresher on your club path, these sticks are a useful training aid to help you hit more shots pure, while giving you answers on a variety of flaws in your game.

The RainDrop – Retractable Putting String

The RainDrop – Retractable Putting String

Developed in partnership with world renowned golf instructor and putting guru, Matt Killen. Close to 20 feet of retractable cable! The Raindrop will help you work on start line easily and quickly on the putting green. Either straight putts or breaking putts, this retractable string can do it all! Quick and easy to setup, and stores easily in your golf bag. Includes a neoprene carrying case to protect your raindrop and metal stakes.
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Take the guesswork out of reading your next putt with the help of The Raindrop!

With nearly 20 feet of retractable cable, this training aid was designed to help find your start line, acting as your North Star as you hit your shot towards the hole. So now you can have peace of mind with each stroke, developing the confidence you need to sink more putts.

Tour Aim with 3 Alignment Sticks

Tour Aim With 3 Alignment Sticks

Great alignment and aim is the start of great golf! Tour Aim’s mission is designed, and produced by Tour Aim’s founder and CEO, Noah Wolf. Hundreds of teaching pros and amateurs around the world are using Tour Aim to improve their games and their students’ games. Develop good habits Practice alignment and aim Effective and efficient Get yours today!
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Whether you’re using a driver, an iron, a wedge, or your putter, the Tour Aim with 3 Alignment Sticks is a great way to work on your ball-striking ability.

With your driver and irons, it allows you to feel the distance between you and the ball — ensuring you’re setup the right way to hit the sweet spot of the club. And while putting, it helps you work on hitting the ball right on line and with the right stroke size, allowing you to work on distance control.

Short Game Gains Precision Putting Laser

Short Game Gains Precision Putting Laser

Think of yourself as a Sniper, and your putter is the  badass modified rifle that helps you lock on to your target. Our Precision Putting Laser goes on top of your weapon (the putter) and shows you EXACTLY how to perfect your aim, so you can feel more confident pulling that trigger. As we already know, 97% of players suck at aiming (see: Accurate Aim Kit) and if your aim is poor, you’ll have to make adjustments throughout the stroke to get the putter face aimed down the correct line in time for impact. This leads to inconsistencies and missed putts. The PPL comes with a tripod as well, which allows you to create a sort of “chalk line”- but this chalk line won’t ruin your hardwood floors. Click the Laser onto the tripod, align it with your target, and you have a clear visual of the line you’re trying to hit. *This laser is designed for indoor use, and is not visible in bright outdoor light*
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Not quite sure if you’re reading the line properly on that pressure-packed putt on the practice green? Instead of guessing and hoping the ball rolls to the right spot, why not use the Short Game Gains Precision Putting Laser to provide an exact line to aim for?

As the name suggests, you’ll experience “short game gains” almost immediately, with this precision laser helping you become an absolute sniper on the putting surface — which is where you’ll see the quickest gains, by eliminating unnecessary putts that only add strokes to each round.

Swing Arc

Swing Arc

The Swing Arc is a very versatile golf training aid. It provides great feedback on your golf swing and will teach you the proper path to hit draws and fades. It can be used for full swing, chipping, pitching and even bunker shots. It is made out of stainless steel guaranteeing the consistency of the arc. Suitable for right and left handed golfers.
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Hitting the sweet spot of the club each time is going to give you the flush shots you’ve been dreaming of. But you’re not going to get there by coming off-plane and witnessing the ball go off either the toe or heel.

That’s why we love the Swing Arc as a top golf alignment stick — because it provides instant feedback on the club path, and gives you an easy-to-follow arc towards impact. So now you can take your ball-striking to a whole new level!

WhyGolf’s Padded Alignment Rods

WhyGolf’s Padded Alignment Rods

Introducing an industry first…alignment rods with integral foam padding for visibility and safety.

Multi-functional, lightweight, and easy-to-use, WhyGolf’s Padded Alignment Rods are a perfect companion to every golfer’s practice session.

As the industry’s first-ever golf alignment stick made with foam padding to offer both visibility and safety, these rods not only allow you to work on perfecting your golf swing — getting the feel of staying on plane and your clubface path — but also protect your clubs from any unwanted scratches or contact.

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